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Posts Tagged ‘Riley Dufault’ Riley Dufault was 17 and a half when she went missing during a night out in downtown Toronto on July 9, 1984. Now, more than two decades later, Dufault was cleared to return to court today as part of a cold case reopening. The law at the time meant that if someone was under 18 when a murder took place, there was no chance of a conviction – unless evidence was found that the accused knew the victim was underage. Read more: Former Ontario Attorney General Arthur Temporale: ‘If you have enough evidence, and the DA decides to go forward, you might be able to get a conviction’ “I was never happy with the verdict. I never believed they were guilty. I never believed in the verdict that they were guilty,” said Dufault, now a 29-year-old mother living in Newfoundland and Labrador. She was eight months pregnant when she went out with her boyfriend, Randy Knowles, and a group of friends in Toronto on a weekend night in July 1984. Randy Knowles was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Riley Dufault. The Crown alleged that he had been convicted of a similar crime in 1986 and knew Dufault was a minor. Knowles was convicted of first-degree murder in 1985 and was sentenced to life in prison. His conviction was overturned twice in court, on both of which he was granted a new trial. At the third trial, Knowles was acquitted. He has maintained his innocence. The decision to reopen Dufault’s file was made following a Freedom of Information request by local journalist Paul Whiston. Knowles was released from prison in June 2013. Riley Dufault at a press conference in 2014. A defence lawyer for Knowles at the time said that the acquittal gave him the best chance of getting the case re-examined. In a recent interview with CBC News, Whiston said that he didn’t believe Dufault was a suspect, but was mentioned as a possible witness in his investigation. “I don’t want to go back in time, but there were other people who were perhaps suspects and also who were witnesses,” said Whiston. “If you have enough evidence, and the



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Agco Electronic Diagnostic Tool 164 [April-2022]

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